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Jennifer Jones of Quartzsite Arizona is an activist and patriot who may indeed be in danger.

For merely speaking durring an open public meeting "call to the public" Jennifer was arrested, injured and is now a target to the town hall self proclaimed royalty.

Another Arizona example of political dictatorship, police usurp, and political corruption shows what could happen to her next.

Given Arizona's long history of corruption, ignorance and abuse among it's assuming leadership at all levels leaves the "peasant public" pondering if it is not so much a matter of what "they" will do to damage her further but more likely... when?

Don’t be mistaken, this blog is not intended to reinforce efforts to cause fear but quite the opposite. Our interest is to warn and compel the public to arm themselves with cameras and voice recorders like a second amendment extension, because you’re going to need them for non violent and “honest protection” from corrupt politics and police.

Jennifer as well as the town Mayor already know this, arming themselves with cameras and recorders. It is the rest of the Quartzsite population who could be surrounded by leadership thugs and bully cops we worry about. Nonetheless, Jennifer Jones should be and apparently is, very concerned.

In case you missed it and are not up to speed on the "political wild fire justifiably ragging in the Arizona desert" about 100 miles west of Phoenix, you can watch Jennifer's false arrest here:

Now take another look at what else goes on in Arizona when the public speaks out against corruption. If you think that what just happened to Jennifer Jones in Quartzsite was alarming, here we show the public what she can expect next and what happened to Peoria Arizona citizens following their visit to a city council meeting in Peoria Arizona:

The series of events that led up to the attack and assault in this next video are further documented and sequenced below starting with Michele Stone, the woman assaulted in this video, a kidney donor, making her public appearance before the Peoria City Elitist

What you just saw in the video above shows the desperate, dangerous and violating measures politicians and police are willing to go to when they are caught playing dictators rather than being public servants. "Public service is a privilege" to quote President Obama, not a right.

If only our President actually walked the talk "when police act stupidly" we might be going in the right direction but we are not. Remember that one, cops arresting a Harvard Professor for breaking into his own home from around Obama's first weeks or so in office? We are on a fast track toward a police state, martial law and revolution.

The Nation lost Obama and the "yes we can hope" when he decided to chug beer with the rookie acting cop under media pressures and the "police hero can do no wrong myth" rather than stand on solid and truthful ground right out of the gate. Our only blessing, McCain and Palin showed their true colors while Obama retained his. "White people scare me" to quote Michael Moore.

We must wake up and realize the value and courage of people like Jennifer Jones and Michele Stone (in this next video shoe down) for they perhaps have more courage than even the president at this point in history by merely standing up against big bully cops, corruption and malfeasance instead of cracking a beer with a complacent toast to demise. It ain't Miller Time people.

Here is where it started in Peoria Arizona, with Ms. Stone perhaps justifiably nervous at the helm of the USS Constitution sailing through a sea of government corruption and police deception. This is not American, it is out right Totalitarian.

Radio and internet talk show host Alex Jones quickly picked up the Quartzsite story. We tried to reach Alex as well but as you saw earlier, we were under an all out attack. Not much able to call in to the radio show while listening for snipers. Alex probably was as well to some extent.

Although Alex Jones, on his radio show, may seem some what boisterous at times, it is simply because he is making an important point, perhaps one that the average trained police "IQ" is incapable of comprehending.

Here is a bit of Alex Jones in his second interview with Jennifer Jones yesterday, July 12, 2011. For your best understanding of the full scope of what is happening to us in the United States, we recommend you watch this Alex Jones segment before we show you what happened one day after our visit to the Peoria City Council meeting and the sequence footage before the attack and assault at our home.

(for veteran infowarriors, continue on below this video, you see Alex every day)

Alex Jones may be doing more than waking up a sleeping public by covering such diabolical events, given what is being exposed further here... through his energy and inspiration he may in fact also be saving lives.

We had many Alex Jones followers immediately email the WhistleBlowerJob youtube channel when we first published the attack who were trying to get us on the Prison Planet show, but again we were rather busy trying to stay alive and free. Perhaps now is the time, we have saved additional evidence for Alex to really connect serious dots with.

Without doubt, when a Police Chief is compared to Jesus Christ by his personal sheepish followers, as in the Quartzsite story you can pretty much bet that all hell is about to break loose just as it did in Peoria Arizona.

Jennifer Jones is maybe not a saint, especially in the eyes of the town government but she is fighting for her rights and her town’s salvation, if not her own life as well given all these facts, a noble yet very dangerous cause in Arizona.

What the hell are we doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya anyway, when the real war we need to fight is right here. But as you will see further, our government leaders at the highest offices are more likely to drink beer at the Whitehouse and yuk it up than preserve the rights of the people.

Alex is doing another great thing, he is making people think. That is something our education system and governments have utterly failed at. This painfully shows in the ignorance and arrogance of our police and leadership now. Couple that with apathy and no sense of ethics in mass and you have the recipe for revolution. Which beer company will sponsor the revolution?

In any event, Alex Jones (no known relation to Jennifer) is by far proving to be more of a hero for the public than any of the "Martial Law Loving" and clearly "over zealous" Police and the almighty Chief Gilbert in Quartzsite are probably even able to muster in a civic sense.

You can expect Gilbert will be taking an early retirement, by our prediction, and soon. Public bullies and cowards both tend to run from the heat of such a political wild fire. Maybe Anthony Weiner knows where they could hide. This wild fire however, can not be contained.

Just because a person takes an assumed "dangerous" job and it comes with a badge, it does not make them a hero or even qualified for the position let alone mark an ability to command.

Here is more of what Jennifer Jones needs to look over her shoulder about. This is what happened one day after we spoke at that meeting in Peoria, the set-up to the attack and the follow up with the Court, Attorney General, The Governor's Office and the concluding visit to the City Council is all here too.

Note: We asked these ladies in the next video to leave before we grabbed the camera and started filming but they stayed there banging on our door. The video exists because they would not leave when they were first asked to. Their agenda did not include any consideration of civil rights that's not on the qualification list for cops and goons.

So... we went out, bought home surveillance cameras, put them up and recorded our calls to all the Arizona offices and agencies that have ethical and legal obligations to investigate the criminal and Federal violations being committed realizing what they would likely try and pull next.

We waited about a month, prepared for a showdown and then “called them out” or rather "flushed them out" by asking for some humanitarian assistance… a food bag. Knowing they would give us footage of supreme stupidity of some kind and probably reveal Arizona's deepest most violating and extreme corrupt side next to running senior citizens off the road and thereafter killing them.

That's exactly what they did to Virginia Mae Vivian Karr, systemic murder prior to all this... all so Johnny McCain might become president without a dirty Federal Lawsuit to worry his GOP intelligence heads, like Sara Palin and Jan Brewer.

"Ginee Karr" is not resting in peace, she was murdered, just as I would have been if Michele Stone and had been with me on Friday April 18, 2008. Keep reading and watching here but come back to this link, read all the comments on the page at this link for more on this systemic murder truth because it could happen to your family all money or for just speaking out:

So... Here is how it went, remarkably well, yet extremely dangerous. We encourage you to read all the comments posted to this sequence of videos on youtube at some point later to start understanding how if not why Arizona effectively and actually did create the monster we all know now as Jared Laughner. It is that bad in Arizona people, believe it.

Note: the DVD movie in the bag they are trying to use as bait is a copy of Michael Moore's movie "Sicko" you just cant make this stuff up.

The infowar warrior girls captured the lies about the goons being students from Northern Arizona University, but we still don’t have good shots of guns and handcuffs or the guys hiding in the back yard and the neighbors houses yet so... still rolling, we go for it. These fools look like killers.

Jennifer beware they have boosted their game by now. Don’t go any where alone and always carry a voice recorder and a camera. We are not kidding and anyone else in Qartzsite who has ruffled the vultures feathers do the same. What "they" call paranoid, we call cautious. It's no joke we have the evidence and a dead body to prove it.

While the girls are working over the thugs with Magellan Health Services of Arizona, Inc., and the political prostitute cops are working the street, I am on the phone with a few friends you see driving by who are doing head counts of the clowns in the wings. Who ya gonna call... 911? I wanted footage of the cop on the floorboards of the car that Michele Spotted and I'm watching them all on home surveillance. It was time for me to make them talk, and listen... on the phone:

Well with reports in from my team that several squad cars were conveniently around the back side of the block and near and the adjacent school directly behind the house, in utter disgust of these above it all goons, I had to come out as they were leaving hoping they might converge all the cop cars "in the area" and we would catch it on the roof camera. We got this instead:

As we were uploading all this to youtube, in the middle of the night, with helicopters over the house, Cop SUV's at each end of the street, squads going up and down blasting spotlights into our windows all night long, like this:

Once we all had some restless sleep, taking turns on surveillance watch, my arm had swollen severely and was showing an enormous bruise from being thrust into the door during the April 18 attack so with friends watching both ends of the street we went out in the daylight to document the injury:

The following Monday... on April 21st, three uniformed cops show up, lead by Officer David Adams, allegedly a self declared "soldier of christ" and he tried this:

We then provided a power of attorney to Judge Karen O'Conner at the Maricopa County Court to permit our representative to receive copies of the alleged orders that the cops would be required to produce for any of this to even happen and we got nothing for weeks.

Obviously whatever judge may have agreed to sign something after the fact if the cops succeeded in unlawful kidnapping, we suspect several were involved in the collusion effort it was evident no one would touch it now.

Karen O'Conner is identified as the major racketeer at the court, she is the common denominator of recently exposed probate scams in Maricopa County now in Federal Court under RICO (racketeering). Her assistant, deputy administrator Ms. Westover never sends us anything we have requested, just a fax confirming our call and stating that she will seek to meet with Police Chief Ratcliff as you will hear in this recorded call.

Karen Westover, of Maricopa County Superior Court Administration, and is a lawyer (subject now to misprision of felony. She does agree to assist the public as a public employee, she knows that felony crimes have been committed by Magellan employees and Police, she verifies there are no orders, and, has a duty herself to actually report this to law enforcement. Westover never contacts Ratcliff in Peoria and then meets with us as agreed.
note: the guy "Larry" referenced in the video is now "LarrytheCitizen" on youtube, his mother was also murdered at Boswell Hospital in Sun City, AZ. He too was attacked by McCain’s goons, and, they kidnapped his 13 year old daughter at gun point after he contacted John McCain for help. This is all true people.

We decided that a year later it was time to visit the City Council again when conveniently Terry Goddard, the Attorney General was supposed to make an appearance. We knew the press would be there and so we went and let them have it, for the record, on the record and broadcast over the Cox cable government channel. We included key "talking points" quoting Goddard to illustrate the ambiguity, literally nothing Arizona leaders spout off about really is practiced or means anything to them. It is hideous and absurd.

And here is the video of us catching Goddard outside (available to the media)as he tried to hurry off, for questions from the media with the newspaper reporter Marjon Rostami standing by our side taking notes. Rostami soon left the paper after we recorded a three hour meeting with her, and of course there were more goons standing by at Starbucks where we met. In follow up phone calls we learned that Rostami's editors "tied her hands" on the story, she either quit or got fired from the position as the West Valley reporter for the Arizona Republic Newspaper. The person holding our camera hit pause instead of record but like good infowarrior reporters will do, we had several voice recorders running. Here is what we put together of the face to face reporting of criminal conduct to Terry Goddard:

Goddard appeared at the City Council meeting in Peoria to take away a plaque from the City for bringing a lawsuit to stop housing developments next to Luke Air Base. Afterward he was made available to the media and azjusticenews was there.

What Goddard left behind may be what brings him into Federal Court as a defendant alonside many Maricopa County officials, Judges and several other attorneys who were recently served lawsuits for racketeering and other charges spending millions of your tax dollars playing legal patty cake with each other. Maricopa County and now all of Arizona appears to be rapidly earning title as the stand out corruption Mecca in the United States.

It was the usual sort of mutual admiration society political back scratching session between Peoria Mayor Barrett and Goddard that has people forever wondering what these elected officials in Arizona actually do besides gather to tell each other how wonderful they are.

His appearance was insignificant with respect to conducting any official business, Goddard was more or less there to brag about "just doing our job" as he is quoted, along with “we all in Arizona have an obligation to follow State law” and amazingly suggesting that to be “an astonishing concept.”

Often it is said that for a politician to do the right thing it is political suicide, Goddard clearly has slit his throat because he has done nothing now for nearly two years about blatant abuses of power and several Felony Crimes committed by public employees, police and contractors he is well aware of. He lost his run for Governor but that does not make him immune to misprision, racketeering and fraud

And so to Jennifer Jones we applaud you but deep in our hearts we know what dangers you are facing now. Based on factual first hand knowledge and experience, information and belief you must realize that you may be in very real imminent danger. It is not enough to merely say, "watch your back" for you must watch out for all those close to you as well.

The current tyranny and treason that does exist and goes on in Arizona is epic. Those you do know to be foes are prepared to spend millions to try and stifle your efforts and we do not recommend you attend the next "congress on your corner" event at the local "not so Safeway" store either. The whole world is watching but most will do little more than that, trust this.

Jennifer Jones, we have so much more to add here, but for now we will open this forum for discussion and leave you with tribute as this last video is dedicated now to you.

As the famous singer - songwriter Todd Rundgren once said in song: "Let me tell you about the new world order, not the one that makes you run for the border. It's new religion wrapped in a revolution with the perfect solution for your mental pollution. Don't let no one tell you that god ain't got a sense of humor, somebody said he's pissed off but that was just a rumor. I know he's laughing when the preacher starts to preaching that tripin is evil and sex is unclean..."

He also wrote the classic "Love is the Answer" but don't expect any cops or politicians to ever get that girl, you go... be strong, be careful, very careful and know that we love you. Peace. This one's for you (please watch, and let us know where to send your azjusticenews T-shirt and Ball Cap... ok?:

We thank all of you who care and pay attention to the welfare and unselfish need of others. Visit here often and subscribe as we start process of exposing even more in the effort to engage the peaceful revolution on-line.

To those who are eventually going to jail and loosing careers over what you have done we are sympathetic but not blind to the reality that you were simply given enough rope to hang yourselves. Unfortunately, you made the beds to lay in now and we gave you every chance to wake up from the dead sleep you did choose by closing your eyes to your own acts of commission and omission. In short you missed the wake up call and the ship has sailed.

More to come... stay tuned there is a lot to cover in the sea of evidence.


I am the captain of the ship...
inside the bottle on the shelf
beside the books that tell the stories
of the mysteries of myself.

Aboard this mighty vessel...
I sit becalmed, nowhere to travel.
Adrift a clear and quiet sea,
I chart my greatest journey.

I am guided by a compass...
I can not touch or see,
The type a skipper learns to trust...
if ever lost at sea.

David Karr
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  1. If you are here to praise the police and support the false belief that Cops are all heros don't bother.

    Yes not all Cops are bad but unless the assumed good ones turn in the bad ones the blue wall of silence will prevail.

    The focus here is the abscence of honesty and ethics in government.

    Cheaters protect cheaters, true servants in public service protect the people.

    When those on the public dole are more interested in preserving their job than the interests and rights of the people, they are thieves stealing from everyone daily.

  2. The best way to sum up the last 15 years or so in Amerika, from an economic, political, and sociological point of view, the 'South' has risen again!


If you are here to praise the police and support the false belief that Cops are all heros don't bother. Go take an administrative leave with pay or join the military to defend the NWO and risk your life for the good of greed the revolution and revelation of truth doesn't need you.